TSHTDA Achievements On Farmer Empowerment Aspects

Farmer empowerment entails the ability of smallholder tea growers through their groups, associations, networks and other forms of organizations to determine their own needs and aspirations and assume the authority, resources and capabilities to articulate and exert their demand for services in the areas of inputs, research, extension services, green leaf marketing and investment. In this context, TSHTDA’s farmer empowerment services are focused on the following areas:-

(a) Organizational empowerment
• Providing catalytic support to start and sustain group formation processes
• Assisting farmer groups to form associations that can better represent their views and also assist members with input supply and marketing;
• Strengthening the existing farmer organizations/associations/cooperatives through motivation, advice and training.

(b) Knowledge empowerment
• Enhancing farmer knowledge, decision-making capacity and capability of interacting with sources of tea production input
• Improving knowledge of agricultural policies and regulations.
• Providing farmers with training on business and negotiation skills at production and marketing of green leaf.

(c) Financial empowerment.
• Encouraging formation of sustainable Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) as vehicle for deepening financial intermediation among the farming communities;
• Encouraging the formation of development funds for supporting the smallholder investment in green leaf processing and other tea production promotion initiatives; and
• Providing the technical in the preparation of business plans/project proposals that may be used when negotiating for loans/grants with financial institutions/donor communities.